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Super Sunday


Super Sunday is going to be a blast. For this service you should encourage your team and your church to come dressed as their favorite hero! We won't even specify whether they need to be SUPER or not! Just someone who is a hero to you, or your favorite super hero!

For the service we would reccomend utilizing the great kids church classic "Jesus You're My Super Hero" as a theme song. There are tons of variations out there so choose the one you like the most and play it before service. You could also craft your own live version if your worship team is up to the challenge. Then, in service, you could also do this song as an action song to serve as an ice breaker with a 'connect with your neighbor' moment afterwards.

As always make sure you have your photo board set up and create an opportunity for people to take photos together, and especially with their hero! Post these potos to the photo board alongside all the other Seven Super Sunday photos to make an exciting mosaic. These photos can be given out at the end of service on Pentecost Sunday too!

Don't forget to download and utilize the great graphics package we have developed for you to use!

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