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We LOVE ice cream. And we LOVE Jesus. So, why not have both?!

Sundae Sunday is pretty simple. Invite your friends and family to join you for an Ice Cream social after church!

Now, if that is a bit TOO simple for you feel free to spice things up a bit! You could have a blind ice cream taste test with your church leadership. Put blindfolds on them, have them taste 3 different icecreams (Choose your own level of complexity) and whoever guesses the most flavors correctly can choose who of the other contestants gets a pie to the face!

Or, you can host a sprinkles relay race! Have a bowl of sprinkles on one side of the church and an empty bowl on the oposite side. Line up a group of people, each with a spoon, and have them do a relay race to take a spoon full of sprinkles to the empty bowl. The one with the most at the end of 1-2 minutes wins!

BONUS ROUND: Have you ever seen one of those "Guess how many are in the jar" type challenges? You could do the same thing with ice cream sprinkles! Whoever guesses closest could win a BRAND NEW CAR! (...just kidding, you can choose the prize.)

You are also welcome to set up any kind of set decorations that tie in to the Sundae theme, and even encourage your pastor to tie ice cream into his message to make it all that much more fun!

Make sure to take advantage of our free downloadable graphics package that includes a title slide, a social media slide, a photo overlay, and all the layered artwork for customization to any level you like!

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