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For Public Servant Sunday we thought it would be appropriate to take some time to honor all the people who serve in various public areas. Encourage your saints to invite as many public servants as they can. Then, in service, take a moment to have them stand and give recognition of all the work they do to make your city a place you love to be.

Those who you recognize dont have to be restricted to the local police and fire or military either! Obviously include those ladies and gentlemen, but we want encourage you to recognize all your city officials, teachers, government employees, and even garbage men as well! Then, after service, you could host a banquet in their honor!

Make sure to take advantage of our free downloadable graphics package that includes a title slide, a social media slide, a photo overlay, and all the layered artwork for customization to any level you like!


If you are fresh out of ideas on how to recognize your public servants for their service to your church and community, feel free to download this free customizable Certificate of Appreciation!

This Certificate has been designed to work with GeoGraphics Fine Paper Parchment Certificates that you can find at your local print store. Or you are always welcome to embelish it's design as much as you like using the included Adobe InDesign file, or you can simply customize and print using the Editable PDF!

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