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Funny Sunny Sunday is all about glasses. Our neighbors to the south, in the great down under known as Austrailia, refer to sunglasses as sunnies. We think that is hilarious, and awesome. So we thought to ourselves, how can we make a super Sunday out of that?

For this theme we encourage your whole church to wear the goofiest glasses you can find. Big, small, bright, or dim. Whatever crazy glasses you find make an outfit around them and come to church! You can also make this a fun sunny beach themed attire day. Got a goofy tie with a palm tree on it? What about a crusty old pair of boat shoes? Or maybe you have a favorite summer beach shirt? Whatever the case just have a funny, sunny, wacky good time!

During service you can have a towel race for an ice breaker to show your churches personality, and show your guests a good time. And after church you can set up a net and play some volleyball or badminten and have a popsicle and beach games social!

Make sure to take advantage of our free downloadable graphics package that includes a title slide, a social media slide, a photo overlay, and all the layered artwork for customization to any level you like!

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