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We love our friends and families. And more than that we love rejoicing in the Lord, and worshiping with them. For Friends & Family Sunday we encourage you to have your saints invite their friends and families to service for a great time worshiping, but also some fun quirky memories as well.

As your guests come in you can have a team of 1-2 people greet the groups of family and friends and take a group photo of them. Then one of those people can be on standby to print those photos and pin them to a corkboard, or tape them to a piece of foam core on an easle. This can be a fun display of all the friends and families that come in that week. If you so desire you could also encourage your saints and guests to dress up in wacky ways to make these photos the classic "awkward family photos" we all have burried deep in our photo albums. These photos can be kept and displayed until Pentecost Sunday, or they can be given to each group as they leave the building.

During/after service you could host some sort of Family Feud style trivia game with leadership, and guests. This could be a great way to showcase your church's personality, and break the ice with all your guests.

Make sure to take advantage of our free downloadable graphics package that includes a title slide, a social media slide, a photo overlay, and all the layered artwork for customization to any level you like!

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